Welcome to VISAGE,

Beauty & Fashion Expert Beena Sondhi launches the most Glamorous Beauty Solution Providers in Bangalore - VISAGE, the Unisex Salon! The Salon Experience at VISAGE surpasses every previous expectation that you will ever have experienced, for this is about the Long-Term Relationship between a client and a Salon. Intensely personal and tailor-made to every woman, man & child's special requirements, VISAGE is about creating that very regime of beauty, grooming and maintenance that combine to form the ultimate combination of Science and Health that results in a younger, more radiant beauty. VISAGE has a unique kids section with friendly staff & technicians who are caring and specialized in kids grooming needs. VISAGE offers highly specialized services in skin care, hair care and make-up, with state-of-the- art products and grooming techniques offered by highly-trained specialists. its state-of-the-art Nail Bar brings for the 1st time in Bangalore a wide range of futuristic Nail treatments, designs and colour for an International look & finish. Visage brings the wealth of modern research with treatments from their carefully chosen product- range and a skilled army of Stylists & Beauty Professionals who will maintain you to perfection with their International Standards of care & treatment.